CHRIS EVERARD investigates the historical truth about cannibalism in Satanic Cults – and discovers that there are plenty of books and research papers which claim that Cannibalism is a ‘fantasy’ – these research papers are possibly part of a concerted Cover-up of the global network of secret societies and cults who are eating babies and adults in huge numbers.

HUNDREDS OF YEARS AGO artists and illustrators drew, painted and recorded what they saw around them – and one of the enduring and common themes were WITCHES, SORCERY and CANNIBALISM in witch covens. Yes, witches eating babies and people. Very famous paintings and engravings hang in museums worlwide clearly showing the relationship between cannibalism and Luciferian witchcraft… There are thousands of illustrations showing this phenomenon. So it is even more unnerving that the Hampstead whistleblower children testified to police in 2015 that they were forced to drink the blood of babies by the cult led by their father – a policeman asked them ‘What does the blood taste like?’ and one of the children answered ‘It tastes like metal’. Which is true.

THE ENIGMA CHANNEL has produced more than 40 TV shows which focus on different elements of the occult.

THE ENIGMA CHANNEL has produced more than 40 TV shows which focus on different elements of the occult.


Of course, witchery is the favoured religion of the Elite and thus the Hampstead whistleblower children were abducted and snatched from their mother by Social Workers, never to be seen ever again… What I have discovered researching a new eBook and for my film SPIRITWORLD, is that universities have been strenuously publishing one book and research paper after another, after another which POKES FUN at the idea that witches being cannibals.

The OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS, no less, have published a research paper ridiculing the idea that witches eat babies – one line reads; “The witch from Hansel and Gretel represents the persistence within European culture of the terrifying fantasy of being cooked and eaten, and one of the most important ways in which the fantasy continues to be embodied and reproduced. The critical stage in the cultural fabrication of such witch figures as cannibals occurred between the fifteenth and seventeenth centuries”.

No. Oxford University have that deliberately wrongfully interpreted. There are modern day child survivors of cults who cannibalised adults and children… And hundreds of thousands of missing children and millions of missing people. There are tens of thousands of Satanists and weirdo cult members and it’s time to start calling a Spade a Spade.

As each day goes by, more and more people are concerned about the hundreds of thousands of missing children around the world.  The ENIGMA CHANNEL has produced a series of documentaries which trace the cannibalism and strange rituals and ceremonies of cults around the world.  No other television network has produced so many HD in-depth documentaries on this subject…



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