The New HIGH PRIESTESS of the European Union

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Christopher Everard investigates the mysterious woman who now controls the lives of millions of people:

JUNCKER’S REPLACEMENT IS A HIGH PRIESTESS OF GOOGLE’S WAR ON APPLE. The totally undemocratic European Union has a new HIGH PRIESTESS to replace the allegedly drunkard Juncker. She is a member of the TRILATERAL COMMISSION. Mrs Vestager is now in charge of 550m souls in Europe – and not one of those souls ever voted for her – nor do any of us know who the hell she is!

If these guys ran a company - then they would have a £18 Billion BLACK HOLE in their profits and income spreadsheet this morning. Luckily they no longer have any influence over British people

Before Steve Jobs died, he stated: “I want thermo-nuclear war on Google – even if it takes the entire $40bn in Apple’s bank account, I want Google destroyed”. The reason for his deathbed declaration was that Steve Jobs felt that the Android Google smartphones had been STOLEN TECHNOLOGIES, alleging that during the era when Google’s Eric Schmidt held a board position at Apple, that somehow Apple’s smartphone technology had been ‘stolen’ – or at least that is the general gist of Mr Jobs’ allegations… He’s not the only one to hold a multi-billion dollar grudge against Google…

Fast forward to today, with multiple court cases against Google for privacy violations in Germany and Belgium, mostly allegedly committed by absorbing passwords for log-ins from private residents using the Google StreetCars project. 

Juncker, with close family ties to the Third Reich regime, is being replaced today. WHO MADE THE DECISION? We don’t know. We will never know. The ‘Commissioners’ at the European Union meet in secret – they always have – since the days of Walter Hallstein who was Hitler’s top lawyer and the first president of the EU Commission. EVERYTHING is decided in secret – just like the old Third Reich.


The only thing we have been told about the new High Priestess of the EU is that she has been attempting to slap fines on big corporations such as Apple and Google. Now – let’s take this one step at a time. Juncker was responsible for setting up/allowing bogus paper-shell companies and colluding with giant corporations such as Paypal and Ebay to lower, or even wipe-out any tax demands these mega corps from Silicon Valley would face. The Irish, the Double-dutch, the Irish-Belgian Sandwich, the Brussels Waffle – these are not from the menu of StarBucks [which has also paid very little tax] but are the names of TAX LOOPHOLE SYSTEMS which Juncker himself helped to set up/give the green light to.


The losers in this scandal are of course THE PEOPLE… And Apple. Google’s fines are not as much as the fines the EU imposed on Apple. And guess what? We have not a jot of evidence that Google ever paid a penny of these fines – in fact the EU’s accounts have not been properly published nor signed-off for decades and when their chief accountant refused to sign-off on suspicious accounts, Maarta Andreason was FIRED. In fact, around £8 BILLION is spent by the EU every year WITHOUT RECEIPTS… So – my question is this – if they can’t even prove where they spend our taxes, then is any member of the public going to believe the EU when they claim that Google has coughed up cash as the result of a fine for being in breach of ‘competition rules’???

The only person who would seemingly know where these hypothetical billions paid by Google have ended up is now being presented to 550m EU citizens as their new OverLord. She is called Mrs Vestager. Just like Juncker and Mr RomPouy before him, no one knows anything about this androgynous woman.

Mrs Vestager has not presented a single sheet of paper or any evidence at all to prove that any of the huge fines on Silicon Valley corporations have 1/.even been paid and 2/. have lessened the burden of taxation on the 550m European citizens who are now seeing her shoe-horned into a job.


Mrs Vestager has not presented any evidence at all to prove that any of the huge fines on Google have even been paid


What are her qualifications for ruling over us? Well, as far as I can tell, she has out-smarted the old Third Reich generation at the EU and is simply and plainly getting the job because “she knows where the bodies – or in this case the fined cash – is buried”.

So far she has weilded huge fines using the doormat known as the European Court of Justice, demanding Apple, to pay €13 billion (£11.42bn) in back taxes after being granted “illegal tax benefits” by Ireland; Amazon, ordered to pay €250 million (£222m) in back taxes to Luxembourg; Facebook, punished with a €110m (£96.5m) fine for being opaque about its takeover of WhatsApp; chip-making company Qualcomm, fined €997m (£875m) for paying Apple to ensure that it would not buy chips from other companies…. Blah blah blah – my response to all these fines is WHERE IS THE FRIGGING MONEY?  Who paid it, which bank account is it in and why are there thousands of HOMELESS PEOPLE on the streets of Europe if the EU is swimming in all this cash? 

Whilst digging her S&M taxing heels into Silicon Valley corps, she has, however, approved the sale of HSH Nordbank by  Länder of Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein to private investors. The Commission found that ‘the sale was conducted through an open and non-discriminatory process and resulted in a positive price without additional State aid’.  Funny that – because Schleswig-Holstein is the family name of the Duke of Edinburgh and like Mrs Vesteger, he is a Dane from the Danish-German borderlands.

The only public good I can see that she has done is to prove to us all that TAXATION OF THE PEOPLE is totally unnecessary – we only need to make sure CORPORATIONS PAY TAXES – it is not necessary for families to live in poverty caused by INCOME TAX. So why don’t the EU SHUTDOWN these mega corporations with RESTRAINT ORDERS and demand that they pay ANNUAL TAXES like the enslaved citizens of Europe are forced to pay?

Lastly, the only thing I can be sure about is that Mrs Vestager is a member of the TRILATERAL COMMISSION. That’s for sure – and that is yet another undemocratic organisation with worrying links to the Third Reich.

Nigel Farage is featured in a new documentary on the Enigma Channel alongside French Yellow Vest activists who want to exit the European Union superstate. Subscribe to the Enigma Channel by clicking HERE



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