Scientists Create Babies Without Eggs


Scientists finally create babies by ‘tricking sperm’. Just imagine George Bush could clone himself with no need for a woman’s egg, just by mixing his own sperm and a cell taken from his finger nail.  Well, that is no long a fantasy – all the ethical implications about ‘parental rights’ with human clones have been thrown out the window by scientists in Britain.  They are making babies without any normal egg!


No, this is not science fiction – this is SCIENCE FACT – and is confirmed and published in Nature Communications, which confirmed that scientists at the University of Bath have successfully tricked an unfertilised egg into becoming a pseudo-embryo.  Are these pseudo-embryos conscious at that point?  Is this the beginning of a CLONED HUMAN RACE?  Well, the scientists in the west of England claim they have successfully bred a fresh clutch of healthy mice using this technique which throws away millions of years of evolution – taking the fertility process away from Mother Nature and placing it firmly in the hands of anonymous masked men in labs.

These “fake” psuedo-embryos contain ordinary cells, such as skin cells, in the way they divide and control their Chromosomes & DNA – their structure looks normal to the sperm which are then placed in the test tube, and who go on to fertilise the pseudo-embryo as if it was an ordinary ovum egg.  But it’s weirder than that – the scientists claim that a sperm itself can be triggered into dividing and becoming the egg itself!  Read on…

The researchers at Bath University say it might one day be possible to achieve a similar result in humans using cells that are not from eggs.  Why?  What possible motive is there for breeding children who have no identifiable mother, nor father – but are conceived inside a laboratory?

Dr Tony Perrytold the BBC: “This is the first time that anyone has been able to show that anything other than an egg can combine with a sperm in this way to give rise to offspring.  It overturns nearly 200 years of thinking”.


DOLLY THE SHEEP was a genetically created sheep who died of horrible and rapidly developing arthritis. Little or no research has been funded to find out why genetically modified animals seem to live half their life span and/or are crippled with disease from an early age.


The type of lung disease Dolly developed is most common in older sheep. And in January 2002, it was revealed that Dolly had developed arthritis prematurely. She was cloned using a cell taken from a healthy six-year-old sheep, and was born on 5 July 1996 at the Roslin Institute, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Even though the world famous DOLLY THE SHEEP died a horrible early death and was crippled by arthritis before middle-age, scientists have blindly ignored the simple fact that genetically modified animals do not give us any psychological feedback, and many seem to die way before their normal life-span is over.  Dolly was put down and then stuffed and put on display back in 2003 – since then, genetically modifying mammals and large animals has progressed regardless of the warning signs which are apparent from the failed Dolly experiment.

Quoting the University of Bath team from their official BBC news release, we can see that a ‘parentless’ new population of self-made CLONES is at the heart of this line of research – and we quote verbatim;

The goal of the researchers is to understand the exact mechanisms of fertilisation because what happens when a sperm fuses with an egg is still a bit of a mystery.  For example, the egg completely strips the sperm’s DNA of all its chemical clothing and re-dresses it.

That stops the sperm behaving like a sperm and makes it act like an embryo, but how the “costume change” takes place is not clear.  Removing the need for an egg could have a wider impact on society.  Dr Perry at the University of Bath told the BBC: “One possibility, in the distant future, is that it might be possible that ordinary cells in the body can be combined with a sperm so that an embryo is formed.”

In other words, two men could have a child, with one donating an ordinary cell and the other, sperm.

Dr Perry went on to say; “Or one man could have his own child using his own cells and sperm – with that child being more like a non-identical twin than a clone”.

Frankenstein tinkering with Mother Nature’s most sacred of all processes – fertility – has been going on in laboratories since the NAZI era – in fact, NAZI doctors such as Joseph Mengele kept diaries of his experiments in which he tortured twin children and logged their physical and emotional reactions – he also injected dye into their eyeballs as part of a series of experiments investigating genetics.  Mengele is pretty typical of your average ‘Mad Scientist’ who believes that genetically modifying organisms which took millions of years to evolve is ‘safe’.  Unfortunately, the Pentagon and many research foundations have billionaires who are fascinated with genetics – Google has it’s own company dedicated to solving the ‘ageing’ problem, and of course, genetically modified mosquitoes are close to the heart of Microsoft’s Bill Gates.

Ok, so it looks like Henry Kissinger’s satirical wet dream of cloned humans fighting wars endlessly will finally be realised by mass producing humans which have no actual real biological mother.  This seems to be the main goal of this type of research.  Already, in 2011, Chinese scientists genetically engineered cows with genes from human beings to produce milk that would be the same as human breast milk.  Two months later scientists from Argentina presented Rosita, a transgenic cow incorporating two human genes, to produce milk with similar properties as human breast milk.  Is it just me, or is it more than just a little suspicious that Joseph Mengele escaped to Argentina and this is the place which is now creating human-cows and human-pigs?


HOW IT ALL BEGAN; The history of genetically tinkering with human cells has it’s start in the Nazi era. The Nazi masterplan promoted by Josef Mengele and Prince Carl Eduard Saxe Coburg of Britain is that somehow Mother Nature can be ‘tricked’ and a whole new race of blonde haired, blue eyed super-humans could be bred… Only thing is, those blonde ‘Aryans’ were actually designed for the SLAUGHTER ALTAR and a new secret society created by top Nazi aristocrats called the BERGS – watch a great 42-part TV series about this on THE ENIGMA CHANNEL right now.



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