PRISONS FOR PROFIT accidentally release killers

Just imagine if one day you woke up to read the headlines that CHARLES MANSON was again walking the streets a free man… But not only that – he had been released by accident!

Prisons are accidentally releasing prisoners in the USA and UK - some of them are killers and rapists

Prisons are accidentally releasing prisoners in the USA and UK – some of them are killers and rapists

The privatised prison system is putting many millions of people in danger. Because private prisons earn money when new inmates are freshly incarcerated, we now have a worldwide phenomenon wherein dangerous criminals are being accidentally on purpose released and LET TO GO FREE so that the empty cells which they once occupied can be filled with fresh inmates and fresh invoices can be generated to fleece the tax payer. These mass releases of dangerous killers, psychopaths and axe murderers are happening nearly every month and it is always explained away as a ‘clerical error’. The result is utter carnage and fear on the streets – which is what the Elite want…

For example, Robert Jackson in Washington State was released Aug. 10, nearly four months earlier than scheduled, and within weeks crashed a car killing his passenger. Officials say that Washington State “accidentally released” as many as 3,200 prisoners earlier than scheduled… This problem, which authorities blamed on a coding mistake, didn’t creep up on the state overnight. The early releases date as far back as 2002…

Prison officials ‘mistakenly released’ 450 inmates in California. In Britain, killers & rapists are among 1,000 convicts ‘accidentally released’ – the group includes 20 murderers and 16 rapists as well as 151 violent sex offenders. Foreign criminals in British prisons should automatically be deported after 12months, but in 2008 alone, 5,400 were released back into British society – many way ahead of the term of their sentence. Ministry of Justice data obtained by the Press Association shows 505 dangerous murderers have been ‘accidentally released’ in the last 10years. The scam creates giant PROFITS for private prisons & ‘seeds’ society with new crimes, which feedback and make more profits. Of course, it also terrorises the general public – which is what Her Majesty’s government obviously aim to achieve… And provides a ‘Smokescreen Allibi’ for the massive number of missing children and missing people.


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