THE ENIGMA CHANNEL celebrates 20 years of broadcasting

THE ENIGMA CHANNEL celebrates 20 years of broadcasting this month. Launched before QuickTime video was perfected, and when people still had dial-up modems, THE ENIGMA CHANNEL is the brainchild of CHRISTOPHER EVERARD, who put alternative authors such as ANTHONY HILDER, ALEX JONES and DAVID ICKE on the map by featuring them in 2-hour cinematic films such as THE ILLUMINATI which broke all records for the number of viewings any political documentary has ever had.

Christopher Everard has brought many new revelations in Egyptology to the fore – including the secret second entrance to the Kings Chamber in the Great Pyramid.


What other TV station has entire TV series dedicated to ancient hallucinogenic plants, Voodoo, Medicinal Herbs, Shamanism & Magic? In the Enigma Channel’s new season they go in search of the ancient legends of amphibian humanoids, Big Foot and show you how ancient Vedic culture from India inspired the Pharaohs of Egypt and formed most of the languages spoken in Europe…

But even that is not all – theEnigma Channel’s FAKE NEWS TV series digs deep into Vote Rigging, exposes Political Corruption, and embeds hidden camera journalists who expose the Carbon Tax scams, maniac Jihadists, 5G microwaves killing trees, Smart Meters and news stories which the mainstream choose to suppress or censor…


Christopher Everard has produced and directed the HERETICS OF SCIENCE TV series since 2016


It’s all an ‘Enigma’!

THE ENIGMA CHANNEL was launched SEVEN YEARS before YouTube and Google Video – both these platforms ripped CHRIS EVERARD’S films in order to seed their own audience, with hundreds of email messages and documents in his archives to prove it.  “It’s been twenty years of Digital Chess Playing – at every step of the way Google Video, YouTube and Ebay have made hundreds of millions of dollars exploiting my films and growing their audiences – Ebay even awarded a Power-Seller badge to a pirate who sold 21,000 ripped copies of my film about space research and UFOs – but the one thing that these corporations have NOT got is me – I am the originator – and my global audience is loyal to me – not them…  YouTube has lost it’s credibility in demonetising investigative journalists – the moment that they did that, a huge upsurge of people subscribed to the Enigma Channel in search of P!zzag@†e documentaries – and that’s exactly what they get – late night, in-depth documentaries for grown-up people who want to go beyond the selfie clips on YouTube”.


Christopher Everard

FALLEN ANGELS is a TV series produced and directed by Christopher Everard


The Enigma Channel‘s FALLEN ANGELS TV series has sold onto mainstream Tv networks in several countries – and the new lavish TV series HERITAGE is already filming in Japan and India. The Enigma Channel’s commitment to high quality, in-depth documentaries has never wavered – and the Enigma team have never been scared of controversy.


a digital book by CHRISTOPHER EVERARD – An investigation into a 2,000 year old Blood Cult which has hijacked the USA, UK & European Nations.


The ENIGMA CHANNEL has made many investigative documentaries, and has been a campaigning channel, urging people to vote for independence in the Scottish Referendum, exposing corruption at the heart of the European Union superstate, has made many films investigating the wartime exploits of members of the Royal Family – some of whom have been proven to have supported and financed the extreme right-wing “master race” and The ENIGMA CHANNEL has also caused the Conservative Party of Great Britain to collapse – once in 2016, following their BREXIT campaign and once in 2019, following the disastrous ‘Withdrawal Bill’ which has been exposed on the ENIGMA CHANNEL as yet another E.U. Treaty.

Christopher Everard has interviewed astronauts, physicists, politicians, authors, hypnotists, magicians and astrologers in the last ten years of hosting his show.


In 2016, the Enigma Channel was the first to report REMOVAL VANS at the back of Downing Street and the departure of DAVID CAMERON …  The combination of History, Conspiracies, Paranormal, Space Research, Astronomy, Astrology, Ecology, Experimental Films & Music all on one channel has all but destroyed many ‘family branded’ cable channels which started out in the 1990s.


The Enigma Channel team have been instrumental is exposing David Cameron’s top political ally, Patrick Rock, a man employed to ‘clean child porn off the internet’, who was, indeed, busted and sentenced for having child porn on his computer in his private office at Downing street.

In the realm of ancient history, CHRIS EVERARD has championed the theory that StoneHenge is a giant representation of a HUMAN EGG – as is the OHIO SERPENT MOUND – “…it’s not a serpent – it’s a SPERM!”.

occult, Christopher Everard

Christopher Everard has carved a niche for himself in world media – especially when it comes to documentaries about the Royals and the Occult.


The Enigma Channel has now teamed with the GumRoad platform to provide single-click global payment and streaming services. THE ILLUMINATI documentary films have all been re-mastered and can be watched on any smart-device from anywhere on planet earth. You can subscribe for just $30 per year and there are thousands of bespoke, exclusive documentary films & TV shows for you to enjoy – not on YouTube and not on Netflix – click here to learn how to subscribe and what kind of films are in the new season on the ENIGMA CHANNEL



GRAMMAR SCHOOLS teach the wealthy elite an alternative form of HISTORY which is masked as ‘LATIN LESSONS’ – many Grammar Schools get the children to ‘Pray for the Prime Minister & Queen’ every morning and allow rich kids to openly talk about their disgust of the ‘Wage Slaves’.  Here we see ETON – a school which tutored DAVID CAMERON who is actually a cousin to Queen Elizabeth. It also tutored PRINCE CHARLES EDWARD COBURG who financed the THIRD REICH – as exposed in Christopher Everard’s new ILLUMINATI documentary..



CHRISTOPHER EVERARD is currently completing a massive documentary project, filming in Egypt and seven other countries – his news reports and satirical TV series FAKE NEWS is broadcast on THE ENIGMA CHANNEL – watch his reports on the U.S. Election right now.

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