Chris Everard investigates the Psychic Magic of Egypt

Chris Everard presents a new TV series filmed in Egypt investigating the psychic communications between Pharaohs and the Gods.

Chris Everard explains in his new series of documentaries that Opium, hashish, cocaine and other hallucinogens made from the extract of the Blue Lily of the Nile were used during pageants, rituals and ceremonies to induce a self-hypnotic state.  The Brotherhoods and sisterhoods of the Nile Mystery Schools wore face masks resembling the Gods such as Anubis, and used the sistrum rattle to attract spirits into the grand temples on festival days which were chosen according to the planetary and celestial alignments…

Watch the trailer:


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Join British author Chris Everard at ancient temples in Egypt, investigating the psychic ‘life force’ and hallucinogens used by the Pharaohs. Watch the whole show on THE ENIGMA CHANNEL right now, along with hundreds of documentaries, movies and news reports which are not on NetFlix and not on YouTube. The Enigma Channel is funded by it’s viewers, and there are no annoying pop-up ads. Every movie & TV show is in HD.

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