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The Chris Everard Show – UFOS & Aliens at the South Pole

THE CHRIS EVERARD SHOW broadcast a special edition with guests ALEC NEWALD and DAVID GRIFFIN, who investigated Alien Abductions, UFOS and SECRET BASES at the SOUTH POLE…

Why does everyone from the NAZIS to Admiral Byrd, MARGARET THATCHER and the Queen of England have a fascination with the South Pole?  Why is it that this frozen land full of penguins is more likely to be the cause of the Third World War than any other?

Chris Everard and his guests delve into ‘Queen Elizabeth Land’, alien abductions, the Falklands War and the primordial-alien BLACK GOO in a fascinating show which is available as a podcast on The Enigma Channel this week.

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Did ALIENS Land in JAPAN 14,000 Years Ago?

At the British museum in London, we see clay figurines from the Tell Ubaid sacred mound in ancient Iraq. These figurines show female humanoids, with the heads of serpents suckling ‘alien-hybrid’ babies on their breasts. The male versions of these clay figurines have humanoid bodies, and genetalia, but heads of frogs. There can be no doubt that these clay figurines from Iraq are representations of the OGDOAD GODS which are at the centre of the Creation Myths found in the PYRAMID TEXTS at the temple of Unas in Egypt…

A new digital book by CHRIS EVERARD compares the striking similarity between ancient clay statues in Iraq and Japan

A new digital book by CHRIS EVERARD compares the striking similarity between ancient clay statues in Iraq and Japan – these figurines illustrate the so called Anunaki of Iraq, the Ogdoad Gods of ancient Egypt and the mysterious STAR GODS of the Jomon Culture in Japan.

STAR GODS is a digital book by CHRIS EVERARD

STAR GODS is a digital book by CHRIS EVERARD

A new Digital Book especially published for iPad & Android presents a major breakthrough in research on the legends of the Anunaki STAR GODS.


British author CHRIS EVERARD has discovered that these Iraqi clay figurines have identical ‘sisters and brothers’ in ancient Japan. The Japanese versions, however, are much older – they appear in the Jomon Period from around 14,000 years ago.  His research is presented in a new digital book made for iPad and Android entitled STAR GODS…

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“Chris Everard is the best author on the occult & ancient history” ~ KEV BAKER RADIO SHOW



The Ubaid mound in Iraq was packed with clay figurines of the OGDOAD which are Amphibian-Serpent Humanoids who legends say created Life on Planet Earth. The Jomon figurines feature one more fascinating aspect – and that is that they have wide hips, similar to the ‘Venus’ statuettes which have been found worldwide. These Venus statues seem to show that long ago in the distant past, females were genetically manipulated to be like ‘sausage factories’ churning out babies – most of the Venus ‘Goddess’ statues have wide hips and huge breasts, but often no HEAD and no FEET…
enigma channel Jomon statues

[top] Clay figurines from Iraq [bottom]: Jomon figure from Japan – 9,000 years separate these figures – and yet the ‘snouts’, noses, eyes and legends surrounding them are almost identical.

The Japanese Jomon culture lasted thousands of years, and is divided into early, middle and late stages by archaeologists. The Jomon people were running a sophisticated civilization back when most of the world was inhabited by aggressive monkeys beating each other with clubs.

Christopher Everard star gods panel 2

“Chris Everard has brought together some amazing new insights on the ancient megalithic sites of NewGrange, StoneHenge and Egypt.  His theory about how many circular henges resemble the actual physical structure of the human cell is staggering – it’s a major breakthrough” ~ JAMES SWAGGERT, CapricornTV



The chronological distance between the earliest Jōmon pottery and that of the more well known Middle Jōmon period is about twice as long as the span separating the building of the Great Pyramid of Giza from the construction of the Eiffel Tower!
The early, middle and late Jomon periods constitute an almost unbroken historically important civilisation of advanced societies across the whole of Japan – and yes, perhaps you guessed it – all that advanced knowledge of pottery and ceramics, textiles, astronomy and maths – yes, the Jomon claim that this was taught to them by the STAR GODS.
enigma channel - jomon pot

STAR GODS is delivered direct to every reader via eMail – there is no downloading to wait for and no complicated checkout process – just click the BUY NOW button and your STAR GODS eBook will be delivered to you in universal PDF format compatible with PC, MAC, iOS and Android devices.


STAR GODS is a digital book by CHRIS EVERARD

$9 – €10 euros – £8GB pounds





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