BBC ‘ILLUMINATI’ Propaganda Exposed


The mathematical odds of SEVEN former members of an elite drinking club all getting top political jobs all at the same time, and all being members of the Conservative Party is at least 240 MILLION to ONE.

But that is exactly what has happened in Britain.

The elite club is known as THE BULLINGDON and it’s members include DAVID CAMERON [resigned Prime Minister and cousin of Queen Elizabeth], BORIS JOHNSON [Mayor of London], GEORGE OSBORNE [The Chancellor of the Exchquer who was fired for running a fake austerity scam, telling lies in Parliament that government debt had gone down, when in fact it has gone through the roof], plus various bankers earning tidy profits from government deals such as the brother of Boris Johnson who is a Deutsche Bank broker and Nathaniel Rothschild who was commissioned to write a report about the potential loss of billions of pounds of tax payers’  money privatising the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Frankly, the Conservative Party have COLLAPSED.  They ran with just 11% of the vote in the 2015 General Election and since then, David Cameron’s top political ally, Patrick Rock, a man employed to ‘clean child porn off the internet’, was, indeed, busted and sentenced for having child porn on his computer in his private office at Downing street.

All in all, the Conservative Party have collapsed in public popularity just the same as the disastrous JOHN MAJOR government which sold-out the British people to the E.U. SuperState by signing a string of over-bearing EU Treaties which have now all been crumpled up and thrown over the pier like yesterdays Fish and Chips wrapper.

Henceforth, let it be known that the next wave of the BULLINGDON are now taking up their positions in the trenches, attempting to convince the British that the Conservatives have wide support – especially from small businesses.  Well, their website TheCampaignForSmallBusiness no longer exists and merely redirects to the Conservative Party website, and so, the Conservatives have resorted to tried and tested good old fashioned PAID PROPAGANDA.



GRAMMAR SCHOOLS teach the wealthy elite an alternative form of HISTORY which is masked as ‘LATIN LESSONS’ – many Grammar Schools get the children to ‘Pray for the Prime Minister & Queen’ every morning and allow rich kids to openly talk about their disgust of the ‘Wage Slaves’.  Here we see ETON – a school which tutored DAVID CAMERON who is actually a cousin to Queen Elizabeth.

Yes, it has been revealed that David Cameron has been spending around £100,000 [$132,000 US dollars] PER MONTH on FACEBOOK ADS.  That’s more than a million per year – but what is really telling is how the Tory-supporting newspapers seem to have been running ‘advertorial’ stylised front page splurges fawning over the Conservative Party policies – rather similar in fact to how Goebbels convinced NAZI era newspapers to publish editorial oratories eulogising Mr Hitler…



THIS IS NOT NEWS: This front page splurge claiming “five thousand businesses’ support the Conservative Party was backed up by a PDF document which was found to contain duplicate and bogus signatures. The article was in part penned, allegedly, by a former member of the BULLINGDON CLUB and friend of David Cameron. The Conservative Party actually closed and redirected its website which was meant to campaign for ‘small businesses’.

Enter centre stage, the latest front page wheeze designed to propagandise the minds of small business owners that the Conservative’s Bedroom Tax, Congestion Charges [which are another form of tax], and sky high local Business Rates are a ‘good idea’…  The Conservatives obviously think small business owners must be bloody stupid…  The articles we have seen emerge seemingly showing widespread support from small business owners for Theresa May are FAKE.



The British press have insulted, ridiculed and lampooned the Labour Party’s new leader whilst simultaneously publishing editorials which have been paid for by the Conservative Party and in one case, a former member of the BULLINGDON CLUB and close friend of David Cameron wrote a front page splurge for the Daily Telegraph newspaper!

The ByLine Blog recently highlighted a front page splash in the Telegraph of 5000 small business owners who claimed the Conservative Party policies were the only choice.

The article was a fraud.  Many signatures came from Conservative cronies themselves.

The ByLine Blog claims that cyber-geeks found the document had been authored by Conservative Campaign head office. Then, just as had been done with the 100 top business leaders who had endorsed David Cameron two weeks before, massed ranks of researchers began to frisk the list of names.  By the end of the day, Twitter links (collated by blogger Alex Andreou) had proven that dozens of the names were duplicates, or not from business owners at all!



JONATHAN FORD [marked as number 7] sits at the feet of the future prime minister David Cameron, and is seated next to the future Mayor of London and member of parliament, Boris Johnson. Jonathan Ford allegedly penned the editorial on a British newspaper front page – but only now have we realised that he too was a member of the BULLINGDON. Other Bullingdon boys include the boss of NM Rothschild and George Osborne, the former chancellor of the exchequer who was fired.

The BBC mole:  Hidden among the signees was a woman who would appear, three days later, as an ‘undecided voter’ on BBC One’s election Question Time, challenging then Labour leader Ed Miliband harshly about his economic credentials!

Further online research revealed that Catherine Shuttleworth, head of Savvy Media, had not only signed the letter as signatory 3882, but also had previously endorsed a conservative politician who had helped found her company.
The next day an anonymous online contributor also revealed that a Financial Times endorsement of Cameron and the Coalition – which took Ed Miliband to task for being too “preoccupied by inequality” – was written by Jonathan Ford, pictured as a member of Oxford University’s Bullingdon club alongside David Cameron and Boris Johnson.



2015 & 2016 saw an apogee of bias in BBC news content. The BBC famously projected the face of David Cameron on the exterior of Broadcasting House claiming Cameron had won the general election at 10:04pm – hours before even the first votes had been counted. In 2016, the BBC used all its available channels to simultaneously run a smear campaign on Jeremy Corbyn and wheeled out an endless gaggle of ‘experts’ who all wrongfully predicted that Britain’s economy would crash if people voted to leave the E.U. – British manufacturers have, indeed, had the best sales performance for the last 25 years and the British public have stopped watching BBC shows in their droves.

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