BREXIT Backlash – Theresa May Government Collapses – Pensioners Demand Pensions Top-Up to Match German Pensioners

Theresa May’s government has collapsed on the day of the EUROPEAN ELECTIONS. Removal vans have been seen manoeuvring in the courtyard to Downing Street. Last night was a Tory version of the ‘Night of the Long Knives’. A huge contingent of Tories are in splinter meetings – some in pub gardens – discussing their leadership challenges. Downing Street have confirmed that an announcement will be made following the results of the European Elections which will most likely deal with a specific date for the departure of Theresa May.

Nigel Farage is featured in a new documentary on the Enigma Channel alongside French Yellow Vest activists who want to exit the European Union superstate.


Theresa May looks like Death Warmed Up – a parody of one of the millions of disgusting NHS meals served to patients thanks to the Tory Austerity cuts – someone has been having a go at her – widely believed that she is under immense pressure from Buckingham Palace to solve the ‘FARAGE PROBLEM’.

“We fought for the freedom of Europe, my friends were shot & stabbed on the beaches in Normandy.  We liberated France and the rest of Europe – and yet British Pensioners are getting conned by Theresa May”

Those are the words of British war veteran David Penfold, who served in the British Army and fought against the NAZI invasion of Europe.

Like so many millions of Britons voting for Nigel Farage’s BREXIT PARTY, Mr Penfold feels utterly betrayed by the Tories.


Money for WAR but no money to feed the POOR – that was the message from veteran campaigner BRIAN HAW. When British author CHRIS EVERARD visited Brian shortly before Brian’s death, Brian told Chris that the police had been kicking him at night and had made him virtually disabled, having to walk on crutches… Brian won the Channel 4 News Personality of the Year Award and used his high profile to highlight how the British government always had money to invade Iraq and other countries but refused to look after disabled, blind, deaf and elderly people.



“If it wasn’t for British pensioners, all of Europe would be speaking German and ruled by Tyrants!”…

The BREXIT victory in 2016 has triggered a massive backlash against Theresa May & her government.  Millions of Britons have become wise to how they have been duped and scammed by Theresa May, the Queen and all the pro-European Eurocrats who spend a staggering $397 million per day on champagne, private jets, expensive wine, luxurious lunches and dinners – whilst British Pensioners suffer in poverty.

If these guys ran a company - then they would have a £18 Billion BLACK HOLE in their profits and income spreadsheet this morning. Luckily they no longer have any influence over British people

BREXIT exposed probably the biggest FINANCIAL FRAUD in history – the figures show that British Pensioners – the very people who liberated the whole of Europe from the tyranny of the NAZIs – have been paid pensions FOUR TIMES LOWER than the average German state pension.

If you want PROOF her Majesty, the EU & Theresa May HATE THE BRITISH WORKING CLASS PEOPLE – just take a look at the sick pisspoor State Pension in Britain when compared to other European nations… And yet we are the richest, most productive economy in Europe, with the world’s richest Monarch, and trading deals with 200+ nations via the Commonwealth.

Maximum state pension of £26,630

Maximum state pension of £26,366

Maximum state pension of £25,155

Maximum state pension of £15,811 – state pension age for both men and women at 60.

United Kingdom
Maximum state pension of £5,500 – state pension age for men is 65 and women at 63.


Weekly state pensions in Britain are second lowest in the EU – the only country with lower pensions is Greece. Millions of British pensioners are rallying to get a Pensions Top-Up back-dated to when Britain joined the European Union Superstate.

Theresa May plans to spend – wait for it – £167 BILLION on Trident Nukes – whilst cutting benefits for Blind, Deaf and Disabled Britons – oh, and guess what? She’s planning TAX INCREASES for Workers. The Tory chancellor claims NEW AUSTERITY TAXES & CUTS are necessary – well if he’s got enough money to buy £100 Billion’s worth of Nukes, and also £200 million for the dreaded Hinckley Point Power Station, then it’s obvious he can afford to raise the PENSIONS for British people to the SAME LEVEL OF PENSIONS that German Pensioners get. German pensioners get £400 per WEEK – and that’s what our EU membership fees of £350m should be used for.

British author CHRIS EVERARD, whose documentary film SECRET STATE went viral in the hours leading up to the BREXIT vote, and is widely considered to have ‘swung’ the 2016 referendum said;

“Her Majesty’s Treasury confirmed that £361 Million of British people’s taxes have been paid in EU membership fees every week – more than half that money disappeared into a black hole in Brussels – some of the money was returned to us as a Rebate and some spent on “EU Funded Projects” which is a lie – it was never the EU’s money anyway – it was OUR money – the EU, in reality have never ever given British people a single penny”.

Brits are on the war path to demand compensation.  A ‘Summer of Re-Love-o-lution’ will see people suing for a refund of their taxes…

But it goes way beyond that – British Pensioners are the people who the WHOLE OF EUROPE OWE THEIR FREEDOMS TO – and yet they are thrown on the scrap heap of Life”.


Boris Johnson is being asked by British war heroes on Facebook to give British pensioners a LUMP SUM equivalent to a German person’s pension for the 43 years of past EU membership!

The average British pensioner gets around £98 per week – the average German pension is £400 per week – British pensioners are planning to march on Buckingham Palace and demand billions of pounds in back payments which will financially crash the EU.



Neil Kinnock and his family earned an alleged £10 MILLION from top jobs at the EU. The Kinnocks are now facing the dole line. They no longer have any immunity from prosecution.  Neil Kinnock’s son – Stephen Kinnock – has resigned from the Labour Party shadow cabinet – and a UKIP insider on TruthFrequencyRadio claimed that Stephen Kinnock had shared his office with JO COX who had her head blown off in a gun attack during the BREXIT campaign.


17.4 MILLION BRITS voted to get rid of the EU Commissioners who have become millionaires whilst the EU inflicted AUSTERITY TAXES on British people and businesses. It was the EU who are to blame for deepening the 2008 recession. British people have no way of voting on EU policies and laws – the Commissioners are unelected and decide new laws in SECRET!

British people and grassroots movements are now campaigning that at least the previous four years of British EU membership fees are refunded - NIGEL FARAGE is being petitioned on Social Media to demand a REFUND from the EU - starting with the millions paid in giant salaries to EU Commissioners such as Lord Mandelson.

British people and grassroots movements are now campaigning that at least the previous four years of British EU membership fees are refunded – NIGEL FARAGE is being petitioned on Social Media to demand a REFUND from the EU – starting with the millions paid in giant salaries to EU Commissioners such as Lord Mandelson.

British author CHRIS EVERARD published a book in time for the Brexit Party vote entitled CONSPIRACY & the CROWN – which publishes letters, memos, photos and vintage home movie stills that prove the EU was Hitler’s long-term plan – but not only that – this plan to dominate all the nations of Europe was hatched at Buckingham Palace by a British prince who financed World War One and World War Two!


Chris Everard’s digital book exposed the EU and the Queen’s family in financing Hitler and the overall plan of the EU…  Did You Know? The Duke of Edinburgh’s family control the throne of Denmark, and that a Danish aristocrat, who was an expert in hypnotism, brought Hitler under his spell, and trained Hitler in hypnotic speech techniques? The aristocrat was also teaching Hitler telepathy – and was related to the Moravian Jewish diaspora – even though Hitler was meant to be hostile towards Judaism – he requested the training! LEARN MORE by clicking the book cover.

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The book which broke Buckingham Palace! Click the image to order

The book which broke Buckingham Palace! Click the image to order


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