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Christopher Everard investigates the £350m fleeced from British workers every week and sent to the Black Hole of Brussels – the latest Brexit saga sees BORIS JOHNSON THREATENED WITH LIFE IMPRISONMENT FOR TELLING THE TRUTH!

The ‘Leave EU’ and ‘Remain in EU’ campaigns were a double edged sword run from the same campaign office in Downing Street, and stage managed by two members of the riotous nancyboy toffs known as the Bullingdon Boys; David Cameron and Boris Johnson.

Boris Johnson supposedly wanted to LEAVE THE EU and campaigned with a big red bus – not telling anyone, of course, that his own father was a former MEP in the European Parliament and that he had personally profited from an Oxford education paid in part by the European Union via his dad’s wage packet!


Boris Johnson proved he was a traitor by voting for the EU Treaty which would ensalve Britons to the EU forever with no votes, no vetoes and weighing down every tax payer with billions more to be paid into a black hole in Brussels – yes Boris has indeed poisoned his own well in backing the PrimeMinister’s so called ‘Withdrawal Bill’ proving that his bravado and filliblustering were all amateur dramatics during the fake LEAVE campaign.

Boris is a traitor and a fake just like all the other Tories.

“It’s his pig!” – “No it was his pig!”

But wait! A new act in this comedy – sorry I mean tragedy – of Brexit Betrayal has been written by palace mandarins;

Boris is today being threatened by Theresa May with LIFE IMPRISONMENT for revealing to the public that they were being fleeced £350m per week for membership of the EU.

The joke is this; firstly Theresa May is a used-up, haggered puke bag who is herself dodging the end of a palace pike for failing to push forward her ‘withdrawal’ treaty/bill.

Frankly, Boris is too high up the pecking order, filled with too many secrets, and has far too many fellow Bullingdon Club members in government to ever face life imprisonment. As a government worker he can argue IMMUNITY FROM PROSECUTION anyhow. Basically – it is Buckingham Palace’s SHOT OVER THE BOWS – a warning to Boris not to – under any circumstances – run for office as CrimeMinister with a campaign to leave the EU.

After all, that £350m per week was wrong anyhow – the amount sent to Brussels is far higher according to Boris!

Back in January 2018, Boris Johnson had ratcheted-up his defence of Vote Leave’s infamous assertion on the side of their bus that Britain sends £350m a week to the EU by claiming the Leave Campaign could have used a much higher figure. The former London Mayor, foreign secretary, raconteur and quiz show contestant said the UK’s weekly gross contribution will be £438m by the end of 2019/2020 and insisted leave campaigners were right to pledge this extra cash to the NHS. 

Boris bragged to the Guardian “There was an error on the side of the bus. We grossly underestimated the sum over which we would be able to take back control”.  Of course – it’s all bravado and blustering. Boris is loyal to the crown who is behind the EU and the world wars in Europe which saw millions of working class people used as cannon fodder. He’s a whippet with a sore ear having had to wait in the wings witnessing the teetering croaky voiced Theresa May make a hash-up of being a fawning witch attending the boiling cauldron of Brexit negotiations – which never ever took place anyhow.

Although we can’t be sure until the bitter six weeks of boring Conservative Party Leadership contestants have butchered each other on Question Time, Boris is highly likely to be yet another Tory traitor.

A man down the pub told me, “He is loyal to the nobles, lords and princes and dukes who have put British working class people through the wringer”.

However – when you tell a lie – you have to mix it with the truth. And that truth is that Brussels really does get £350m+ as a gift from Britons every 7 days – and more than that, one fifth of all the VAT revenue earned by the EU comes from Brits!

In fact, British Steel has been refused a loan of £30m by the Tories. The sick truth is that £30m is sent to Brussels – all stolen from British workers’ wage packets – every 15 hours.

Nigel Farage is featured in a new documentary on the Enigma Channel alongside French Yellow Vest activists who want to exit the European Union superstate. Subscribe to the Enigma Channel by clicking HERE


Money for WAR but no money to feed the POOR – that was the message from veteran campaigner BRIAN HAW. When British author CHRIS EVERARD visited Brian shortly before Brian’s death, Brian told Chris that the police had been kicking him at night and had made him virtually disabled, having to walk on crutches… Brian won the Channel 4 News Personality of the Year Award and used his high profile to highlight how the British government always had money to invade Iraq and other countries but refused to look after disabled, blind, deaf and elderly people.

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