Are MI5 making plans for Nigel?

Report by British author Christopher Everard™

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There’s NEWS, then there’s FAKE NEWS… And then there’s the NEWS WHICH THE ELITE NEVER WANT YOU TO KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT – and that’s what you get in every episode of the ENIGMA CHANNEL’S “FAKE NEWS” TV series…

Nigel Farage, Marine LePen, the disastrous Theresa May and the BREXIT PARTY are all featured in our new series of FAKE NEWS episodes… But this is not just an ordinary political TV series – you’ll learn facts which the mainstream media DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW…

DID YOU KNOW the pilot who crashed the plane on the eve of the 2010 General Election with Nigel Farage aboard then threatened to shoot NIGEL FARAGE with a gun?  DID YOU KNOW that same pilot was found dead in 2013? In 2011, he was convicted of five counts of making threats to kill Mr Farage and the Civil Aviation Authority investigator Martin James. Mr Justice Saunders sentenced the pilot to a two-year community order after the court heard he repeatedly threatened Mr Farage, both directly and through a 999 operator. During one 45-minute call to emergency services, Mr Adams said: “It’s just been delivered. I now have a 9mm pistol. I have got the means to do it and I will take them and then myself”…

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In 2011, the court heard that the pilot, Mr Adams, had called Ukip secretary Samantha Sutton, warning her he had ordered a gun and that Mr Farage had a week to issue a joint press statement with him or he would kill him and Mr James. The body of pilot Justin Adams was discovered by police at his home in Eastbourne, East Sussex, on 12 November 2013. Detectives said a cause of death had not been established but they were not treating the incident as suspicious.

Er… NOT suspicious!

The only politician to have successfully changed the face of British politics in the last 70 years: NIGEL FARAGE

Fast Forward to last week’s EU Elections. The launch of Nigel’s BREXIT PARTY campaign wiped the Tories off the map… But it was not all smooth sailing.  Just a few days before the EU election victory for Nigel’s BREXIT PARTY a white vintage Jag smashed head-on with Nigel’s Range Rover…

The next day, on THE CHRIS EVERARD SHOW, an EU MEP candidate who was formerly the chairman of UKIP LONDON told Chris Everard live on air that the wheel bolts holding the wheels onto Nigel’s car had been mysteriously loosened during a journey between the UK and the EU Parliament in Brussels some years before… Can you see a pattern?

Tampered wheels on Nigel’s car, then a plane crash on the day of the 2010 election, then a suspicious head-on collision just before the EU elections…. Hmmm…

On the day of the 2010 election Nigel was in a plane crash… But the saga didn’t end up there – the pilot then bought a gun to try and shoot him!

It’s enough to make anyone turn into a Conspiracy Theorist!

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