Anunaki Demons and the Evil Messiah

British author CHRIS EVERARD investigates a global conspiracy stretching back thousands of years to ancient Iraq, involving Queen Victoria and demons…

An investigation into a global conspiracy…

British author Chris Everard investigates the Anunnaki of ancient Mesopotamia

“I heard voices in my head, telling me to kill” this is the SON OF SAM murderer, but it could be any one of thousands of cruel murderers who have been bred by a global network of secret societies – Chris Everard’s book ANUNAKI DEMONS & the EVIL MESSIAH traces back through history to ancient Sumeria the original source of these ‘voices’ urging people to commit wicked and cruel acts… The 2019 edition has nearly 150 pages and nearly 200 illustrations…

Evil sects teach their wide-eyed followers that humans are evil. These cults, who worship the Anunaki consider the Serpent in the Garden of Eden to be ‘good’, many of them want to see the entire planet poisoned, and have seeded their members into positions of influence, and, yes, indeed, the seas, our soils and skies have indeed been poisoned…


A gold plated ritual skull is just one of the satanic artefacts investigated in Chris Everard’s book ANUNAKI DEMONS and the EVIL MESSIAH

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ANUNAKI DEMONS & the EVIL MESSIAH is a digital book which pieces together a horrid cult which grew from the time of the Roman Empire, which was run by the super-wealthy, sadistic and sexually devious Caesars. And at a deconsecrated church in the south of France, CHRIS EVERARD discovered a giant cache of Roman altar stones and tombstones and other carved effigies which represent their pantheon of ‘Gods’ which were worshipped by the elite families of the Roman Empire… Trouble is, these are not ‘Gods’ they are in actual fact DEMONS… This discovery inspired Chris Everard to write his book ANUNAKI DEMONS & the EVIL MESSIAH – it is a digital book and is fully illustrated… And the updated 2019 edition is available from GumRoad books…

Chris Everard investigates the ancient clay tablets describing the ‘gods’ of the ancients… He also investigates the Tetragrammaton – the original name of God of the Jews – which was only uttered once a year on the Day of Atonement by the High Priest in the Holy of Holies amid the sound of trumpets and cymbals, which prevented the people from hearing the Jewish god’s name. It is said that in consequence of the people thus refraining from its utterance, the true pronunciation of the name was at last LOST. The Tetragrammaton has consequently been hijacked. Hijacked by SATANISTS who pronounce it in reverse during Black Masses attended by the aristocracy and cannibals…. And that is just the start of Chris Everard’s investigation into the cabal which has seeded it’s members into positions of power in today’s world…

ANUNAKI DEMONS & the EVIL MESSIAH also investigates the historical court cases against witches and satanists and the mass expulsions of Hebrew communities in medieval Europe. Nine hundred Jews were burnt alive on the 14th of February 1349 in the “Valentine’s Day” Strasbourg massacre, where the plague had not yet affected the city. Many hundreds of Jewish communities were destroyed during this period. Of the five hundred or so European Jewish communities that were destroyed in the 14th century, some Jews killed themselves to avoid the ‘Black Death persecutions’.

“This is astounding research, wow – I just mean WOW!”

                     ~ Kirsten Harris TFRlive Radio, USA

Message from the Author: “Every page of this new 2019 edition of my digital book is fully illustrated and features old paintings and engravings which have never been seen in public before. No matter how many books you own about ‘Conspiracy Theories’, ANUNAKI DEMONS & the EVIL MESSIAH uncovers jaw-dropping corroborated evidence that many secret societies, the Vatican and many governments are controlled by a tiny elite of Judeo-Babylonian aristocrats and politicians who secretly worship demons. This is not a ‘theory’, this is proven historical FACT – and it is proven within the pages of my book”. 

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